Blinking into the sunlight

As usual, I went to look at the most recently updated wiblogs this morning. Imagine my surprise when I found that I had written my first entry in my sleep last night.

So, er, hello. I am a long-time lurker who has finally plucked up the courage to join in with your lovely wibsite. Thanks for your welcoming comments on the mysterious automatic-wiblog-checker post. I had some teething problems logging in, which is probably why it is there.

I am at work at the moment, so should probably not spend too long crafting the perfect first (well, second really) post. Suffice it to say that I am extremely pleased to be blogging at last (and only a little bit nervous about making a complete fool of myself) and I look forward to a long and happy association with you all.


6 thoughts on “Blinking into the sunlight

  1. Welcome, farli. The automtic Wiblog checker post below was just part of the rigmarole we have to go through to make sure Wiblogs work, sorry about that.

    Anyway, I wish you a long and prosperous Wiblogging time here!

  2. And another welcome from me. It must have been disconcerting to find you had posted without realising it. Not to worry, it shouldn’t happen too often.

  3. Welcome! I never had an automatic wiblog entry when I joined – I feel most left out! 🙂

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