Just some quick thoughts on some books

I bought some books at Greenbelt.

Chasing the Dragon – Jackie Pullinger
I saw Jackie twice: at Last Orders on the Friday, and at the CMS worship on Saturday morning. So inspiring.
The book was an amazing testimony to part of an amazing journey. I would recommend it to everyone. I always find it easier to read biography than general information about something. I guess it is because, at a fundamental level, humans share so many experiences that when someone lives such a radically different life, it has more impact.

Jackie’s heartfelt call at Greenbelt was for the ‘normal’ Christians, to make the effort to go and help those working with people on the edge. How can people recover from problems like addiction without positive role models to help them?

A Universal Heart, The Life and Vision of Brother Roger of Taize – Kathryn Spink, updated edition.
Taize has been important to me for so long. I grew up in an ecumenical church and to see ecumenism happening in Taize on such a large scale was a real blessing. The music has also inspired me. One of my other memories of Greenbelt this year is sitting in front of the big screen, singing and praying with hundreds of people. It was beautiful.

The book is a biography, detailing much of the early life of the community and recounting some of the ecumenical journey they made, with a particular focus on Brother Roger’s role. Very easy to read and well worth it.

Still to read:
God’s Politics – can’t remember the author
Compassionate Community Work, Dave Andrews

If I stare at the screen any longer, my contact lenses will dry out completely.