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In my meanderings around this evening, I came across a link from Rhys’s blog to an article all about various ways of organising and classifying books, particularly using the colour (or rather, color) of the spine/cover. I know that book classification is a subject very dear to the heart of at least one of my readers, as well as being something I can get ridiculously excited about, so I thought I would pass it on. I will read the article in more detail and follow the links when I have time.

One of the joys of moving house was working out how all my books fitted in. (Easy answer – they don’t). I’m still not completely happy about their arrangement, but the broad strokes of the classification is there. I think that once I get them all onto Library Thing, I will be able to use tags more effectively. It is like a great big n-dimensional Venn Diagram. Mmmmmm maths and books, two of my favourite things.

Would I ever arrange my books by colour? I don’t think so. However, our DVDs end up being somewhat arranged by colour since colour often indicates genre: generally, romcom = white, action/thriller = black. A friend who has a large collection of videos arranged by colour first pointed this out to me some years ago and it still holds true in the most part.

Lectures today were very exciting, challenging and stretching. Learning is fun!

And that is all for now since I set myself a limit of 11pm for coming off the internet. Ooops, just overun. Sshhh, dont mention it, I might not have realised.

6 thoughts on “Exciting book link

  1. 3 minutes overrun is surely permissible. 🙂

    Order by colour: interesting. It does make it look rather nice. But I like my topic classification system. But it does look nice. 🙂

  2. Ooooh, I like the article. I can feel a blog post of my own coming on… I did once work in a (small) law library where people tended to come up and ask for short loan books by saying "the big pink one over there" etc. Much easier way of finding it!
    And somewhere yesterday I found a blog meme thing involving taking photos of all your bookshelves and posting them all on your blog. But I can’t remember which blog it was!

  3. I change my classifications allt he time, however generally genre/author is the theme … I DO however add an extra dimension by arranging various ornaments in front of them ie in front of the Agatha Christies is my small model of a Morgan 4 door … well, it works for me 🙂

    I am looking forward greatly to the house I am going to build with Mr Tasmania … we have plans to make the study into a library by lining all the walls with bookshelves and adding a library ladder – excellent! On another note, the house I am staying in for 5 weeks has no books … NO BOOKS!!!!

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