Monthly Archives: October 2006

New Year Resolutions

I remember reading somewhere that Halloween used to be the end of the year (Susan Cooper ring a bell?), so I think a new year’s resolution is in order…

I will not post spurious extra posts just to get my post total for the month up.
I will not post spurious extra posts just to get my post total for the month up.

Hmmm, not doing very well with that one.

Procrastination break

After a week of studied procrastination, I finally put some essay words on the screen this morning. Phew.

I am sure that blogging will become more frequent and possibly even slightly more interesting for the reader in the next couple of weeks. Nothing like having to do something else to focus the mind on more pleasurable activities.

Time for a coffee break.

Lost, one Church

A distressing morning today. Last time we went to our regular Church, there was advance warning in the notice sheet that the service today would be at one of the other churches in the cluster. Despite successfully remembering that the clocks go back and that church would be in a different place, we still did not manage to get there.

The reason for missing church? We could not find it. No church address anywhere. Still, we had a nice walk around trying to see if we could find it. We did find the third church in the group, but their service was half an hour in by the time we walked past so we gave it a miss.

I watched the remaining 15 minutes of the Heaven and Earth show when I got home, but I regret that I do not remember anything worth reporting except that there was a rather jolly country singer on.

Halfway through typing this, Mr F announced that he had switched off the router. For today and this morning, please therefore read yesterday and yesterday morning.


I was at a loose end on Saturday and the pegs needed somewhere to live. This involved taming my sewing machine and a length of denim.

Peg Bag

Utilitarian at the moment – I may embroider it later.

Anyway, this post is also a way to check I have flickr working.

The Devil Wears Prada

We went to the cinema last night with some friends and saw The Devil Wears Prada. Mr Farli came away complaining that I had taken him to a film about fashion, wondering if he could get some of the glasses that Stanley Tucci was wearing (he doesn’t wear glasses) and worrying that if he got the glasses he might look a bit too camp!

Somewhere in the back of my mind I thought that this started off as a blog, before going to page and then screen. However, on a brief, cursory search, I can’t find any evidence of this. Ah well. It was certainly an entertaining evening.

The trouble with going to the cinema is that there are lots of trailers that make you want to go again. I see why they include them!

Right, back to the essays.

My laptop is teasing me

I spent quite a while sorting out my laptop a few days ago so that it would boot into Linux and then go online. It was such a frustrating experience, that when I noticed that it was working, I wasn’t exactly sure how I had managed it. All was good for a few hours, then I rebooted. Oh dear* – it stopped working.

Today I have spent quite some time figuring out what needed to be done to get it back online and once again, although successful, I am not sure what exactly I did to fix it.

I have come to the conclusion that my laptop is teasing me. I have several post-it notes all over my desk with commands written on them. Hopefully, if I keep them I will figure it out next time.

Anyway, someone asked what I had called the laptop – Serenity, after the excellent film by Joss Whedon. In retrospect, it might not be such a good idea. Serenity needed fixing an awful lot.

So I guess what I am trying to say is that I haven’t blogged because Serenity wouldn’t let me. I will try and remember what I have been doing.

*Yeah, that wasn’t actually what I said – use your imagination.

After you. No, after you.

Things you didn’t know about theology college Number 1

You may never have to open a door again.

Seriously, I hardly ever open doors for myself anymore. The guys here are so polite and gentlemanly, they hold the doors and usher me through.

After the first week, I was starting to feel quite frustrated by this, but I have come to see it as a nice thing. There are, of course, other women here so we compete to open doors for each other (although this might just be me).

The laptop is now up and running and in college so my connection to the outside world is restored.

Portion Control

I have just cooked a (supremely healthy) meal of sausages, chips and beans. Unfortunately, I half forgot that I was only cooking for me so I am feeling rather too full of supper now. I won’t be moving anywhere very quickly tonight.

My laptop has departed from Ireland – I should really start thinking about a name for it.

Yes, that is the most interesting thing to happen today. I shall go away and browse t’internet until I find something to say.

A couple of other things

This afternoon I taught Mr Farli to read Greek so he can help me with my vocab. He is very proud of his new skill, but thinks that the Greeks should just have invented a letter ‘h’, rather than messing about with commas.

I then came upstairs to check out some blogs and was rather bemused by this entry. Is your church looking to change their brand of communion wafer? If so, then look no further, Real Life Preacher has done your research for you. (Quite long – don’t bother unless you have broadband). Thanks to Ellen for the link.

I have caught up on most of the tv that Mr Farli is kindly recording for me while I gallivant around (can you gallivant on a bike? I thought horses had to be involved) being busy. Just Cambridge Folk Festival highlights left to watch. I have to say that the new series of Robin Hood is rather lovely. In fact, (ssshhhh), I think I prefer it to Dr Who. It may, of course jump the shark in short order, but I live in hope.