RC 22-24

On returning home yesterday I realise that I have forgotten three of the books I have read, not that it should bother anyone reading this too much, but just for completeness… you know…

The Bloke’s Bible by Dave Hopwood
Reflections on random passages from the Bible from the point of view of a bloke. Now, as you may have gathered, I am not a bloke. Nevertheless, I loved this book. Really refreshing take on church, theology etc. Nice bitesized chapters for last thing at night. I bought this for Mr F originally and he loved it and told me to read it so I would understand him more.

The Road Trip by Dave Hopwood
More reflections on random passages from the Bible from the point of view of a bloke. As good as the first one. I have used this for sermon illustrations.

The Rotter’s Club by Jonathan Coe
Not at all what I expected from the cover. This is one of those books where the cover art and title really gripped me and I’ve been wanting to buy it just on that basis since about 2002. Yet another coming of age novel, this time set in the 80s(?). Nice link in with the events of the time (IRA bombings etc.), and quite gentle pace. I was not particularly struck by any of the characters. This was another looted book.

Hmmm if I can read one more book in the next ten days, my average will be up to 5 per month. Is this desirable?

3 thoughts on “RC 22-24

  1. Go for 5! 🙂

    And to be fair Jack: you’re probably reading loads of PhD-related stuff: each sentence of which should count for at least 1 book!

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