It is finished

Rather a melodramatic title, but I think this deserves it. I have finally, after months of itchiness, boredom and eye-strain, finished the beast that is the clapotis. Never again will I knit in black. Never again will I knit with horrible yarn just because it was a present. I was absolutely determined to finish it off yesterday and was spurred on by catching up with some of the Radio 4 comedy slots that we recorded over the summer – Just a Minute etc. The ends are all sown in and everything, just a quick blocking and then it will wend its way to the lovely person who gave me the black yarn in the first place. Thanks Mum. I am grateful really. Only a week or so late for the birthday as well.

On another note – today marks the start of No Cake Month. No cakes, biscuits or other desserts in September unless through pastoral necessity (sometimes in this line of work you have to eat cake!). I only have 5 cakes of pastoral necessity allocated for the month, so this will require some delicacy. The plan was that college puddings would be offset by the austerity of life as a curate. The plan did not work due to the abundance of cake in the parish. There is a reward planned if No Cake Month is a success. I will keep you posted.

4 thoughts on “It is finished

  1. This is the first summer for a while I have not hit September with a resolution to eat no more Pringles for Jesus.

    Pringles tubes are brilliantly useful for holiday clubs….

  2. Congratulations on the clapotis. Every so often I consider making one and then think better of it. I made black socks on dark needles and couldn’t knit at night. Lesson learnt. If you like small shoulder shawls have a look at Ishbel by Ysolda Teague, a Scottish designer, or Aestlight by Gudrun known as the Shetland Trader. Aestlight is an easy knit. Milkweed shawl is easy and repetitive in the design, just needs some attention to counting and looks good.

    Five cake occasions? Good luck with that. How far does pastoral necessity go?

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