More sloe news

Here they are on the tree:


And here they are in the kitchen. Note there are now jars there too.


I am not confident about these jars. I would rather have jars which seal properly. They will have to do until the end of the week when Mr F is heading for the big city where there is a Lakeland. I really, really hope they don’t explode all over the under the stairs cupboard. The instructions do say to shake the jar(s) every day for the first month, so I don’t suppose they will mind being decanted.

In other news, I am making a hat:

fairisle hat

The knitters among you will see that I am using magic loop because I had neither the correct dpns nor a short enough circular for normal circular knitting. I am enjoying it. Slightly disappointing that the colours in the pattern aren’t showing up very well. I would blame the camera, but it isn’t much better in real life. Still the challenge of two-handed fair isle is keeping me busy.

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