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I’m sitting in my office/spare room, surrounded by piles of books. The dissertation is nearly at an end, but the final few days are proving to be hard going.

Since I can think of nothing else to write about that won’t take up valuable thinking space, here are the books that have reached the top of various piles of stuff on my desk:

  • Deadly Innocence: Feminism and the Mythology of Sin – Angela West
  • Texts of Terror: Literary-Feminist Readings of Biblical Narratives – Phyllis Trible
  • Birth Traditions & Modern Pregnancy Care – Jacqueline Vincent Priya
  • The Book of Common Prayer
  • Families in BritainĀ  – Ed. R.N. Rapoport et al

A question: Can you guess the topic of my dissertation?

4 thoughts on “Academic Writing

  1. Anything by Phyllis Trible sounds good to have near the top of a pile.
    When it is all finished could you do me a favour and FB me a copy of your bibliography as it may well be worth me sifting through to see if any of the texts you’ve been looking at have anything that might feed into my area.
    At a guess your topic relates to feminist interpretations of birth traditions and practices within the church. I could be quite wrong though….

  2. If I am right though when it’s all finished I would be facinated to know a bit more about the now officially discredited and (extinct?) practice of “churching” if you’ve touched on it.

  3. Well I already know (unless it’s changed a bit?) but I would be interested in having a look at it sometime! When I get some free time. Ha.

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