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So, last time I blogged was the end of half term. A couple of busy weeks later and here we are. I’ve just got back from Mums and Tots (who knows where the apostrophes are meant to go in there?) group and have about half an hour before evening prayer. Rusk loves being around groups of other kids. Today there was only one big tumble, two sharing er incidents and one hand covered in orange ink from the rubber stamp set. Successful I think. There are a couple of new families there so a fairly full room. I do like that it counts as work for me. So many things I do for work I really enjoy.

I’m off on a training day on Wednesday – preparing for priesthood. Not quite sure what it is going to cover, but it should be interesting. It’ll be nice to have a reunion with all the people I was deaconed with last year. Our diocese is quite large and we don’t see each other very often. After that (and Lent group in the evening) on Thursday I’m going back to school for the day. I am doing a bit of work in school regularly with collective worship, but I wanted to get more of a feel for how the school day works, hence spending a day there.

Today the task is to get the bulk of the work for Sunday done. One sermon – to be used twice – and one all age talk. Mothering Sunday – should be able to find something to say for that. Tricky to know how to strike a balance between Mothering Sunday being a celebration and yet being a very painful experience for the bereaved or those who had bad experiences of mothers.

In other news, here is what I did for the Ravelympics, the knitters’ attempt to justify lots of sitting in front of winter sports:


They were completed by the end of the olympics and so I qualify forĀ  medals:

The first one is the team medal for completing a project.

The second one is the event medal. I competed in Sock Hockey with some crochet socks. I also attempted the Lace Luge with a lace stole, but this will be a longer term project due to the faffiness of lace!

In case anyone was wondering, they aren’t meant to be a matching pair as far as colours go. Who said socks have to match anyway?

I’ve now moved on to making a scarf and am currently at the black hole stage of knitting, where you knit and knit and knit for an hour, yet the piece seems no longer. Ah well, it will pass eventually.

Back to the sermons I think.

4 thoughts on “Quick round up

  1. Wow: love the socks! Well done on the knitting — and the awards. The “Lace Luge” sounds particularly interesting.

    Great to read of the successes of Mums and Tots [with you on the apostrophes :)], and my best wishes and prayers for the Training Day and sermon preparation and all else that lies ahead.

  2. Cool socks. Hope you enjoy the training day. As for the Mothering Sunday thing as somebody who has struggled with it in the past, but found it liberating last year a couple of things to bear in mind are:
    1) Bring in the history of mothering sunday within it. It’s a way to do both
    2) Within your prayers remember – just within one line -those who (i) can’t have children, (ii) the adopted, (iii) those who have had bad experiences, (iv) those who struggle
    and (v) the bereaved who are missing their mothers.
    3) As you start the sermon acknowledge it is a time of mixed feelings as you’ve said a time of celebration for some and pain for others.

  3. Wow, those are BRIGHT socks! And very cool. Having been to one Mums and Tots session (Aunts and Tots? Still no idea about apostrophes) it was much much harder than going to work. In fact, I think I went to bed 2 hours early afterwards to recover.

    And agree with tractorgirl’s suggestions about Mothering Sunday sermons. I remember one awful sermon years ago which ended up with a woman who’d had multiple miscarriages walking out in tears.

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