I had my first piece of election info/propaganda yesterday in the form of a letter from my (Tory) MP, welcoming me to the constituency (I moved 10 months ago). Very helpful it was too.

My MP is apparently in favour of faster broadband and roads (to the point of receiving an award for his campaigning about a road that is a good 20 miles from where I live), and against wheel clamping. Are these really the major political issues of the day? Not in my life. Not to worry – there is another policy mentioned that is really very important to me.

He is happy to support Cameron in his campaign to opt out of the Human Rights Act. What? Did I read that right? Apparently I did. My MP ‘welcomes plans from David Cameron to consider getting rid of the Human Rights Act and replacing it with a British Bill of Rights’. This is in response to the European Court of Human Rights questioning the validity of an election where those in prison are banned from voting. Well, I’ve thought for a while that prisoners should vote – part of being a member of society despite what you have done to hurt that society. There is no conceivable way that a British Bill of Rights would do a better job of protecting vulnerable people than the Human Rights Act. Besides, what example would it set to other countries? Oh, just opt out of the bits you don’t like…

My mind is made up – despite the fact that he will win anyway (this is rather a blue area) it will not be with my support. I am writing to him to let him know.

3 thoughts on “Election

  1. Wow: what an ‘interesting’ policy. Strange to my ears too.

    And a challenge to me to write to my local MP when issues that concern me are being discussed or have been decided upon; thank you.

  2. How barmy is that?! And thanks for encouraging me to write to mine too. Our Tory candidate (who is extremely likely to win) has been standing at the station hassling the early morning commuters for their votes! So he’s been hassling Neil, but not me as I’m not early enough.

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