Daily Archives: April 9, 2010

Just grazing

Warning – Don’t read any further if you are hungry and out of range of food.

I’m currently sitting at my desk (catching up on non-work paperwork and the internet) and every so often my hand creeps off to a small cardboard box next to me. Inside are four trays with really, really nice food in. There is a tray of olives, a tray of pecans in honey, a tray of chilli rice crackers and a tray with dried fruit and pumpkin seeds. Seriously delicious.

Where do they come from? They arrived by post on Tuesday, from Graze. The deal is that you sign up to receive a box per week at £2.99. You can look through their entire range and decide which things you want to receive and which you don’t. Each box will then have a selection. My first box had  lots of raisins, accompanied by different things such as dark chocolate covered pumpkin seeds, almonds and white chocolate drops. Anyway, if you like the idea of healthy (mostly) snacks arriving in your letterbox then I have a discount code that will let you have one box free and one half price. Just enter GG1334T at the checkout. As well as you getting free/cheap food, I’ll get a pound off my next box. Go on, you know you want to!

In other news, I have located somewhere that will make me a decaff latte. Only 4 miles away!