Post-ordination thoughts

First time at my desk since the ordination. Thank you all very much for your good wishes and prayers. It was a lovely day and we’ve had a bit of a holiday in the south since then.

Legoland in half-term on a very hot day = quite an ordeal, but worth it for Rusk’s face when he met Lego Bob the Builder (bigger than he is).

Our tour of the M25 took in visits to some very lovely people, including a good friend’s wedding. Fantastic day all round. Rusk spent his time charming everyone, even playing football with the mother of the bride for half an hour. The next group of people we saw had a lovely garden, complete with climbing frame and slide. Mr F’s face when he saw Rusk had climbed to the top of the climbing frame by himself was a picture.

We were also introduced to the game of Bananagrams. Anyone else play? There is a Facebook app, but it doesn’t do the game justice. Marvellous fun.

Sunday morning was my first normal Sunday since the priesting. The vicar took the opportunity to have the day off so I was left to my own devices, ably assisted by the usual team. I was totally astounded when a lovely couple who had been very unsure about women priests came up to the rail and received communion. They have been very kind to me and we’ve had some good discussions about it over the year, but I really wasn’t expecting it. So lovely. Still brings tears to the eyes to think about it.

In other news: inauspicious, abnegate, writerly, efficacious, honorific, ostentation, sedulous, fallible, vinification, desuetude, pilose, ideate, arriviste, gimcrack, muliebrity and revile. Quite a collection of words to take in from my word a day calendar since I last looked at it.

4 thoughts on “Post-ordination thoughts

  1. Farli!!!
    (it’s good to see you)
    …there’s a LEGO BtBuilder?!??!?! that’s amazing – hope you got some good photos 🙂
    and what a joy to hear about the couple at church – actions speak louder than words sometimes, eh?
    and thanks for the words!

  2. Are there pictures of all these Rusk activities?! I want to see Bob the Builder! Rusk was indeed very charming and we would be very happy to borrow him any time! And thank you for your massive contribution to our wedding day! 😉

  3. Wondrous to hear from you again; and wondrous to hear of so much happiness. The experience at the Eucharist in particular: thanks be to God.

    I’ll have to Google Bananagram, and I love those words [which will send me rushing to my dictionary once home. :)]

  4. Congrats on your ordination! (Is ‘congrats’ the right thing to say when someone is ordinated? I’ve never known anyone who was ordinated before! :D)

    I can imagine you as a pastor (I can’t imagine ‘priest’, because I’ve only been at churches with pastors, and the word priest makes me think of men dressed in white!). I imagine from the way you write that you are someone with whom people will feel comfortable and be able to be honest about whatever they are feeling or experiencing, and I think that’s really important in a pastor.

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