Fickle, fickle, fickle

So my sister is not getting a pair of socks on her birthday. Thank you for your comments – some very good ideas. I have one complete sock and two inches of toe. This will blatantly not have transformed into a completed sock by morning, so I am going to keep them until I can give them to her in person (about 3 weeks time). Three weeks to complete the sock will still take some fairly serious concentration, so why do I feel the need to start a new scarf? I’ve spent the evening watching The Devil Wears Prada and knitting in a rather lacklustre fashion on the sock.

I have diagnosed the problem: a serious case of second sock syndrome. This is a well known knitting malaise, here combined with an oncoming attack of startitis. You see, I’m what the Yarn Harlot calls a process knitter. Knitting for me is all about learning new things, figuring out a new technique and mastering it. Why knit something twice? Am I going to learn more on the second sock? Perhaps – it has the slight interest of having a mirror-image of the spiralling pattern of the first sock, but I’m not sure that is enough. The finished object is rarely of great interest.

I have another single sock completed – this one being a complicated multi-cable-stitch pattern. I decided to postpone casting on the second one so I could meet the deadline of my sister’s birthday. Who was I kidding?

Fickle, that’s what I am when it comes to knitting. Can’t the world understand that the Moebius cast-on is much more exciting than plain knitting in the round with the odd increase here and there?

In other news, I am having a bit of a children’s literature theme. I’m loving reading Winnie the Pooh to Rusk and I’m also reading the Chronicles of Narnia ‘for work’.

2 thoughts on “Fickle, fickle, fickle

  1. You’re right. I am guessing second-sock-syndrome (never having suffered from this as I’ve never made it as far as a first sock) is directly related to second-sleeve-syndrome.

    At least with sleeves you can miss them both off and pretend it was a gilet to start with.

    Why not send your sister no socks and tell her that, as it’s summer, you thought that would be more practical. She’d never forgive you if she had sweaty feet through feeling duty-bound to wear your lovingly-knitted socks. Or do a completely different design for the second sock and tell her it’s trendy to wear odd socks and you, loving sister that you are, want to increase her street-cred.

    Of course, if the latter is true, she’ll also have to wear her trousers half way down her bottom!

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