Mad Men

The knitting competition that I’ve been blogging about this week has a theme: Mad Men, the tv series. A lot of the techniques that are being introduced are fromthe 1960s and some of the patterns are directly inspired by the tv show.

I always meant to watch Mad Men, but never quite got round to it. Iron Knitter has persuaded me that I should try it, so I’ve started at series 4 on BBC4. I never normally watch things from halfway through, but I’m beginning to like it, although I have no idea of most of the character back-story. It is a very wordy series, similar to the West-wing in that nearly everything is in the dialogue, although less frenetic than WW. I love the sixties clothes and seeing how much society has changed for women.

Here is a picture of me as I would like to think I look in the style of Mad Men.

Yes, I have a piano accordion. No, my hair and glasses are not really like that. No, I have never worn a dress like that.