Monthly Archives: May 2012

Coughs nervously

Er… hello again. Hasn’t it been a long time? 18 months or so I reckon. Sorry for the delay in returning.

I’ve recently started a knitting-specific blog and I’m enjoying getting back into writing, so I thought I’d drop by here and see how you are all doing. I’m not intending to blog here regularly, but I might drop by every so often. I found that it got a bit difficult with work figuring out what is bloggable and most of the things I thought you might like to hear about were the things that I probably shouldn’t blog about. As a result, I just stopped writing altogether. Who knows, I may find some things to say here.

A few things have changed since I last wrote. Rusk is nearly 4 and has a baby sister (is Biscuit a good name?) who is coming up to 6 months old. I’m coming to the end of my maternity leave, having spent 7 months with me and Mr F at home together 24/7. Amazingly, we haven’t come close to killing each other, but have rediscovered that we get on quite well when there is time to spend together! When I go back to work, I’ll be heading into the last year of my curacy and almost immediately starting to look for a parish/benefice of my own or, as some friends have called it, I’ll be a ‘proper vicar’ at last.

So, how are you doing? What did I miss? I’m ashamed to say that I pretty much stopped reading the wibsite when I stopped posting. Haven’t stopped thinking about you all though, and it was lovely to see so many familiar names on the front page.

How about a gratuitous baby photo to finish off with?