When I started this blog in the summer of 2006, I was temping at a University in the north of England. I lived in one of the most wonderful cities I have ever visited, with Mr F. He is a privacy-loving techy among other things and is rather suspicious of this blog malarkey, living in a state of apprehension that he might be identified.

Shortly after starting to write, we moved to another city, (which will remain anonymous), so that I could start training for ordination to the priesthood in the Church of England. Along the way we acquired Esme and Persephone: two delightful kittens who have turned into mostly delightful (although we do wonder about Esme sometimes) cats. More recently our world has been turned wonderfully upside-down by the addition of Rusk (not his real name – I’m not that cruel) who is now nearly six months old, utterly beautiful and very loud at odd hours of the day and night.

I’m still training for the priesthood, tacking on a second degree to the one I finished the week before Rusk was born. In the summer of 2009 we will be moving again so I can take up a training post at St North’s by the Sea.

The name Cabbages and Kings comes from Lewis Carroll’s The Walrus and the Carpenter.

My pseudonym: Farli comes from the Pern series by Anne McCaffrey

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