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5 weeks worth of the Church Times had a not unexpected effect and so I spent the afternoon asleep under a pile of newsprint. I have got two weeks done so now only 3 weeks behind.

It is a little bizarre reading the news from a month ago. There were some very excited speculation about the American elections that I found it difficult to get into. Something about knowing the end of the story there I think.

I’m thinking of making a stand that will hold newspapers at a suitable angle and distance for when Rusk falls asleep on my lap.

In other news… I have decided that at some point it would be useful to have a device for winding skeins of wool into balls. Do any of my knitting readers have any advice on such a contraption? Bonus points if it can also hold a copy of the Church Times.

Down Time

Rather surprisingly, the doctor signed me off for two weeks. I must have looked really ill! Yesterday I spent meandering around sorting things out so that being away from college for 2 weeks isn’t going to inconvenience other people too much.

Today is therefore my first day at home. I have watched a film: The Family Stone (not bad, but rather predictable RomCom), sorted through some photos and I am now off for a nap before going to pick Rusk up, who I am missing a lot. I know that if I was playing with him all day I would end up more knackered, but I still miss him.

What’s in a name?

Some people are nickname and shortened name people. Others are not.

My family have always been one for changing names. They call me many different things, depending on their whim at the time. I usually answer to anything that rhymes with my shortened name.

Different people are allowed to call me different things and every few years I will decide that a particular form of my name is my preferred option. Different groups of people know me by different names and that is fine. I tend to keep different groups apart so it doesn’t get too confusing.

There are times when it becomes more tricky – our wedding day was one. How should the vicar refer to me? In the end, I just picked the version that my oldest friends use (which happened to be the one that the church knew as well). The rest could deal with me being different. Sending out change of address cards last month was another. Mr Farli had amended our address database so each person in it was associated with a particular form of our names so we could mail merge it. In the end, that grew too complicated, so we just picked a form that is not too offensive.

Then there are pseudonyms – I have many different internet identities, some based on my real name, others not. Farli isn’t.

Well there was a pointless post – talking about my name, without actually saying what it is. Daisy might appreciate it, but to most people, it will be rather pointless.

Pop quiz – where does the name Farli come from? I’ll give you a clue – it is from a book.
Bonus points – where (ish) does the character from the book live and with whom?

Busy Busy Busy

As a reward for doing some reading this morning (half past nine I started – how smug do I feel now?) I have been going through all the odd bits of paper that got shoved into a box before we moved. I have found many, many jobs that need doing, so I will get on with them and not blog.

Oh, what was that?

Right, I’ll be going then.


Sing when you are winning

Today has been a hard day of studying, learning how to read properly i.e. in a way that means I actually take some of it in and have some notes to refer to in the future when I have forgotten about it. It is going to be an uphill battle and I think the main difficulty is going to be remembering to read little and often. The longer the day, the less productive it seems to be: this morning [*] I was managing 15 pages before a break. Now I am down to about 5.

I must have achieved things, because my whiteboard has lots of things crossed off. In fact the thing I am most proud of today is that my printer is working under Linux. It was getting quite tedious having to reboot into Windows to print anything.

I am now off for some well earned rest, but I leave you with a short quote to ponder:

There is no place in the worship service where vanity and bad taste can so assert themselves as in the singing.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Life Together, Ch2

How true!

[*] Well, I say morning, but really it was very close to the afternoon before I started.

A day of good things?

An exciting day so far:

Lots of admin – nearly done on the whole change of address thing.
Registered at doctor’s surgery
Went to newsagents
Have cold, generously given to me by Mr Farli so lots of sneezing
Research into wireless router and associated network card

And yet I have managed to fill 5 hours with all this. What am I doing with all this time? I am sure I am more productive than this usually.

Still to come:
I am going to the cinema! Hurrah!
And then out for dinner! Rapture and general celebrations all round, for it is Wednesday and we deserve a nice evening out!

I have fenged my shui

I am back at home now and happily settled down at my desk catching up on Mike Harding’s Radio 2 show on listen again. Lots of new versions of songs I know already this week. Lovely.

In the frenzy of flat-pack building I had put too much furniture in my study, making it into a room that I instinctively avoided. This would not be a good state of affairs, were it to continue. However, I am glad to report that all is now well. It turned out that the futon needed to be turned 90 degrees and the rug moved out from under it. Then all I had to do was stick a nail in the wall and hang my clock and a Lord of the Rings picture on and all was well. Strange how minor changes can make such a huge difference to a room. Maybe there is something to all this Feng Shui stuff after all.

There is a hook in the ceiling of my study, about 3 inches from the wall. What shall I hang from it? I was wondering about a plant, but I would probably kill it. Can anyone think of a plant that looks pretty hanging from the ceiling, but is hardier than a spider plant [*].

In other news, I did some genuine academic reading the other day, taking notes and everything. This is good – term starts in a couple of weeks. I fear there is going to be quite a lot of that sort of thing over the next months and years.

There are many more people to advise my recent change of address, so I will be good and go and sort some of them out. Thankfully, we have post forwarding for six months so it is not hugely urgent.

[*] Yes, I can even kill spider plants. I managed it in a fortnight once. I have a basil plant in the kitchen that is two days old and already looking a bit unhappy, although that may have something to do with not having a saucer to put under the pot – it must be feeling quite naked.

Bind us together, with screws that can’t be removed

This waiting in for home deliveries lark is great, particularly comparing the efficiency of the various deliveries. I think Comet has come top so far, with Ikea and B&Q vying for last place. It will take me some time to forgive Ikea for making me get up and dressed at 7am on Monday in case the delivery arrived near the beginning of the 11 hour delivery window. It arrived at 3pm. B&Q are taking 2 weeks to deliver a washing machine. Not a classic. Thankfully, my sister is allowing us to visit and use her washing machine tomorrow so I shouldn’t smell too bad at Greenbelt (well, at the beginning anyway).

Most of this week has been spent doing large one-time-only jigsaws – yes, flatpack furniture. I love it. Seriously, it is such a challenge to my lack of spacial awareness that the sense of satisfaction on completing a project is immense. I have allowed Mr Farli to play with the jigsaws today.

Dith has asked if I have any further nominations for the bottom 100 hymns. Yes, lots. Here is one to be going on with:
Bind us together, Lord.
This falls into the category of washing machine hymns – those which are often sung with the strong beat emphasised so much that it sounds like a half load of washing going round slowly in a washing machine. All washing machine hymns are best avoided unless you have a good choir or band to lead. Of course, it is sometimes the choir which leads this tendency on hymns they don’t like. What me? No, no.

So, to summarise: Washing machine hymns = bad, washing machines = good, but only when they have been delivered.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, where are you?

We keep a mirror near the front door at an appropriate height for checking presentability when exiting. I packed it yesterday and keep getting annoyed that my reflection has changed into textured wallpaper. Seriously, I must glance in it dozens of times a day. Vanity is therefore something I need to work on.

Still packing, although I did manage to break for church. Hilariously, they had my least favourite hymn of all time as the final hymn.

I have too much stuff, much more than Mr Farli.

A fun game – trying to figure out the inventory that goes with the house.

Back in a few days – I have to pack the computer now.

(edited for spelling)