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  1. My Greenbelt ticket has arrived!
  2. I’m going to Taize in a couple of weeks
  3. By which time I will have written 6000 words on essays for the MA module I am doing as part of my work training
  4. The second sock is past the heel and only the leg left to do – 55 rounds and counting
  5. Deanery chapter is this afternoon
  6. I can wander around the village chatting to people and it is part of work
  7. I’m preaching on Mary and Martha this Sunday (a triple bill – hopefully by the third time I’ll have got it nailed!)

Got to go. My lift will be here soon.

Planning ahea


I’ve been out of formal education for 3 years, but I am shortly to return. I seem to remember that when I was small there were various things that needed to be done before the start of term. I have therefore been casting my mind back to see whether these are still applicable, and if so, whether I have completed them to my satisfaction. Report follows:

Check school uniform still fits
Jeans – tick, Doc Martens – tick (but they still give me blisters), assorted tops – tick

Check bus pass has arrived and I know which number to get onto
Sadly not, but my bike is ready and I have cycled to the top of the hill to check I can get there. Must get some hi-viz stuff. There are rather a lot of obstacles of the vehicular sort. I am considering getting one of those large, woven baskets for the front.

Find PE kit
I am so thankful this is no longer applicable. Besides, with all that cycling, I don’t need to worry about organised sport. I may swim occasionally, if the whim takes me in that direction.

Check contents of pencil case, investigate whereabouts of errant protractors and restock if necessary.
Do I still have a pencil case? [searches] Ah yes, that will do – denim.
My cunning grown-up looking pen has betrayed me by leaking everywhere. It is a parker rollerball, and I found a glittery purple gel refill for it a few months ago – this purple is now all on my fingers (and now on the keyboard). Ah well, blue gel will have to do instead. Protractors will not, on this occasion, be necessary, due to the distressing absence of any maths from the curriculum. I also have post-it notes, a huge pot of unreliable biros and some very old highlighters. I think I may be due a stationary store trip. Hurrah!

Ensure pencil case grafitti is not out of date following summer romance.
No grafitti at all – how dull. And it would have to be a really old one for that to be a problem.

Demand new school bag from parents
They said I had to buy my own 🙁
I may make do with my old one. Sigh – times really have changed.

Double check which day term starts
Yes, I am sure.

Devise calendar indicating number of days to half term
Well there is a wallplanner downstairs – I guess I could mark it on that. I don’t think I am that bothered though, given that this is a course that I have chosen to do and I know it will lead on to something else I want. I should perhaps make a note of which weeks I am not studying for Mr Farli’s information.

Check last year’s school bag, find large project that should have taken every spare moment over the summer, panic and complete it in 2 hours.
This would be unlikely, given that I am new to the institution. I do however have several more weeks worth of *optional* reading than there are weeks left in which to do it.

Find lunchbox, accompany parents to supermarket and persuade them to buy some interesting lunch items for the first week back.
Hee Hee. I am on school dinners for the first time ever! OK, not exactly school, but still exciting. I always wanted school dinners when I was little, but was never allowed.

Look at timetable to work out what lessons are when and with whom.
I spent 4 hours this afternoon working through the various constraints on my course. I had to write a spreadsheet to get my head round it, but I think I have a workable solution that does not involve resorting to one of those time spinners that Hermione had to use.

Have I missed anything?

In other news:
We saw ‘Cars’ yesterday – absolutely fantastic, haven’t laughed so much for ages.