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Coughs nervously

Er… hello again. Hasn’t it been a long time? 18 months or so I reckon. Sorry for the delay in returning.

I’ve recently started a knitting-specific blog and I’m enjoying getting back into writing, so I thought I’d drop by here and see how you are all doing. I’m not intending to blog here regularly, but I might drop by every so often. I found that it got a bit difficult with work figuring out what is bloggable and most of the things I thought you might like to hear about were the things that I probably shouldn’t blog about. As a result, I just stopped writing altogether. Who knows, I may find some things to say here.

A few things have changed since I last wrote. Rusk is nearly 4 and has a baby sister (is Biscuit a good name?) who is coming up to 6 months old. I’m coming to the end of my maternity leave, having spent 7 months with me and Mr F at home together 24/7. Amazingly, we haven’t come close to killing each other, but have rediscovered that we get on quite well when there is time to spend together! When I go back to work, I’ll be heading into the last year of my curacy and almost immediately starting to look for a parish/benefice of my own or, as some friends have called it, I’ll be a ‘proper vicar’ at last.

So, how are you doing? What did I miss? I’m ashamed to say that I pretty much stopped reading the wibsite when I stopped posting. Haven’t stopped thinking about you all though, and it was lovely to see so many familiar names on the front page.

How about a gratuitous baby photo to finish off with?



Trying to blog every day for a month has turned out to be boring, frustrating and ultimately off-putting, so I stopped.

I’ll have another think about what I want to use the blog for and get back to you.

I may be some time.

More socks

These are the socks from round 2 of Iron Knitter.

Hope you aren’t getting tired of seeing knitted socks. I’m afraid there are plenty more. I was holding back on blogging about knitting, but there isn’t really much else I can blog about at the moment.

These were done using a technique called festive knitting, that makes colourwork easier when knitting in the round. Not sure I totally got the hang of it, but they look ok on the outside. (Probably best not to look at the inside).

Mad Men

The knitting competition that I’ve been blogging about this week has a theme: Mad Men, the tv series. A lot of the techniques that are being introduced are fromthe 1960s and some of the patterns are directly inspired by the tv show.

I always meant to watch Mad Men, but never quite got round to it. Iron Knitter has persuaded me that I should try it, so I’ve started at series 4 on BBC4. I never normally watch things from halfway through, but I’m beginning to like it, although I have no idea of most of the character back-story. It is a very wordy series, similar to the West-wing in that nearly everything is in the dialogue, although less frenetic than WW. I love the sixties clothes and seeing how much society has changed for women.

Here is a picture of me as I would like to think I look in the style of Mad Men.

Yes, I have a piano accordion. No, my hair and glasses are not really like that. No, I have never worn a dress like that.

Could do better

I’ve sat down to blog several times in the last month, but ended up enjoying all the previous wibsite posts so much that I’ve never actually got onto the writing.

I am now getting near daily comments from Mr F about it still being Advent on my blog, so here we go. I officially declare that Christmas is over (and has been for some days).

I realised this week that I have been ordained for six months now. Time really flies. In supervision today we had a look at my working agreement and have found some areas for me to concentrate on over the next few months. More visiting, more school, some website stuff and other things as and when they appear. Should be good fun.

Anyway, I’m heading off to one of the local hospitals this afternoon, so this really is a brief post.

Coming soon – pictures from WISE (and I think I’ve figured out who you are – thank you)

Remind me…

… to think very carefully before taking on another degree or other significant piece of writing.

The MA was submitted on Friday. I even took a screenshot of the mouse about to click the ‘send’ button, just so I would know I hadn’t dreamed it. I am not proud of the last-minute dash to the finish, but at least it is done. I just have to wait to see what mark it gets.

The last few days was not helped by something that happened the week before. I was at a curates’ training day, introducing us to MA level study. (I know, I have just finished an MA. Why was I doing that? Well, it is a module covering stuff I’ve not done before and my diocese recommends I do it. I’m not actually doing another MA – that would be silly) The lecturer was explaining various bits and bobs about how to write at MA level, then pointed out that we were all working full time, so not to worry if the occasional essay wasn’t up to scratch. I was liking what I was hearing there!

Then came the problem. The MA dissertation, he said, is one of two things. Either it is the jumping off point for a future academic career (MPhil, PhD etc.), in which case it needs to be the best work you can possibly do, because this is how you will be judged when applying for funding. Or… it is the pinnacle of your academic achievement, in which case it needs to be the best work you can possibly do, because this is how you will be judged (I don’t know who will be doing the judging here?).

This is a good thing to say to people at the beginning of an MA course, when they are still full of hope and optimism and the MA dissertation is a couple of years away. However, less than a week before my deadline, I can’t think of a single worse thing he could have said. Always inclined to perfectionism, I would rather write nothing than write something of lower quality. My goodness the week was a struggle with that hanging over me.

Anyway, following on from my previous post…

Yes Tractor Girl, you are on the right lines, although I wouldn’t say it was from a feminist perspective. The topic was looking at the effect first pregnancy and the first year or so of motherhood has on spirituality. Mostly looking at the Anglican perspective. My longest chapter was on Churching – I’ll be happy to send it on once I’ve had the mark back.

JTL – I’d definitely recommend the third book (Priya) – very readable and interesting. Trible I find a bit hard going, although an interesting perspective. The first one is a bit of a blur!


Life is very good at the moment.

Snapshots from today:

  • discussing godparenting and baptism
  • filling in forms (forms not as bad as I feared – hurrah!)
  • having a cup of tea in a real farm kitchen
  • watching four deer go racing across a field of stubble
  • harvest festival in school – all about Sierra Leone
  • being able to play with Rusk for half an hour between appointments
  • having a quick dip into Nehemiah to come up with something interesting to say at Church tomorrow

Remind me later that there are days like this.

Oh and Nehemiah 8: 1-12… looking forward to seeing the face of the person reading it when they notice all the names! I may take pity on them.

PS – 3 and a half hours of no-cake month remaining. I think I made it!


I often feel some pressure to make the most of holiday time by doing interesting stuff. It is better, however, if I resist this pressure and instead concentrate on doing nothing much. This has a far more beneficial effect in the long run.

Today is a pleasing mix of the two. I have had a lazy morning while sundry relatives and friends look after Rusk. I am sitting in my sister’s very comfy swivel chair (a family heirloom – used to be my Grandfather’s chair), laptop on lap, half-read Colin Dexter novel to hand, Test Match Special on in the background. Lovely. Later today I will go and be the guard on a steam train – if that isn’t ‘doing stuff’ I don’t know what is. Haven’t done any guarding for about 3 and a half years so it will be interesting to see how much I remember. I’m being reassessed on Monday so I really will find out how much I have forgotten!

It has occurred to me that I may be turning into a cliche* – detective novels, cricket and steam railways have long been part of the stereotypical view of the average English vicar. I maintain, however, that these have been part of my life for longer than I have been even thinking about ordination, so there!

*Can’t for the life of me find the accent to make that correct – sorry

Quick thoughts

We are moving soon.

The list of things to do is long.

The time in which to do them is short.

This does, of course explain why I am blogging at 11pm instead of getting enough sleep to be ready for tomorrow.

A question: who would have thought I would have 8 types of body lotion, especially when I don’t often remember to use it.

PS Rusk is 1!

RC 22-24

On returning home yesterday I realise that I have forgotten three of the books I have read, not that it should bother anyone reading this too much, but just for completeness… you know…

The Bloke’s Bible by Dave Hopwood
Reflections on random passages from the Bible from the point of view of a bloke. Now, as you may have gathered, I am not a bloke. Nevertheless, I loved this book. Really refreshing take on church, theology etc. Nice bitesized chapters for last thing at night. I bought this for Mr F originally and he loved it and told me to read it so I would understand him more.

The Road Trip by Dave Hopwood
More reflections on random passages from the Bible from the point of view of a bloke. As good as the first one. I have used this for sermon illustrations.

The Rotter’s Club by Jonathan Coe
Not at all what I expected from the cover. This is one of those books where the cover art and title really gripped me and I’ve been wanting to buy it just on that basis since about 2002. Yet another coming of age novel, this time set in the 80s(?). Nice link in with the events of the time (IRA bombings etc.), and quite gentle pace. I was not particularly struck by any of the characters. This was another looted book.

Hmmm if I can read one more book in the next ten days, my average will be up to 5 per month. Is this desirable?