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Not so WISE

My lovely W.I.S.E. parcel arrived well before Christmas (well before my offering had even been sent off – oops) and contained instructions to open straight away. Inside there was a lovely Snowman Christmas decoration (with the name of a city on) and a smaller parcel with instructions to wait until Christmas Day before opening it.

The snowman hung on our tree (indeed for some days it was the only decoration on there – December was right busy here) and entertained Rusk. The smaller parcel contained Scottish tablet – yum! Excellent choice all round.

I meant to take pictures over Christmas including the decoration and the parcel, for display from the 25th onwards. I appear not to have done so and the decorations are now packed away in my wardrobe. So there is the lack of WISE on my part. You will have to take my word for it that it was most tasteful.

The question is… who to thank? I’m going to go out of a limb here and say … is it Surfing? If so, thank you very much. If not, do let me know who you are.

In other news, I am competing in Sock Wars, starting tomorrow morning (well the patterns go up at 1am, but I need some sleep), so for the next few days I will mostly be knitting socks.

A glimpse of today

I’m not really sure what to post, but Mr F is still bugging me about not posting anything, so here you go.

I’ve been ordained deacon nearly 2 weeks now. It is a funny thing, but it feels like a lot longer. I’ve slipped into the new life quite easily, mostly thanks to my incumbent being superb.

Saturday is meant to be my light day, a bridge between my day off and Sunday. The main aim of today is to finish writing a sermon for tomorrow. Morning prayer was at 9 today, a welcome change from the usual 8am. After wandering home through the drizzle, I went upstairs to work. A quick check of emails, a quick look at some of the bits of paper that have appeared and I was onto the internet. Sermon writing seems to work best when I am ruminating on something at the back of my mind, with other things (blogs for example) at the forefront. I’m now almost at the point of writing it – got most of the ideas, some clue about the structure and themes. Just writing a blog post to get the typing going. In true vicar-style, I am listening to Test Match Special in the background.

Lunch today was very funny. Rusk, now 13 months old, is very serious about the business of finger food. Each item must be selected with care, checked in case it is a new foodstuff, passed hand to hand several times and then sometimes placed carefully in his mouth. He makes a little pile of food to his right of things he will only eat if he is still hungry when he has finished the nice stuff. Top foods today were cucumber and Gruyère cheese, followed by pear. Chicken was rejected and hummous with bread sticks looked promising, but he offered it to us instead of eating it himself. Apparently, my giggling at his antics is NOT HELPING.

Well, back to the sermon I guess. I’m rather looking forward to it. I’m preaching (and leading) at one of the small churches, with a congregation of about 10. How many people tomorrow will be preaching on sheep and shepherds with a soundtrack outside the church of the sheep belonging to the churchwarden?

In case I miss it, I will just mention that tomorrow will be the third anniversary of this blog. It has been brilliant being a part of the wibsite and will hopefully continue that way for years to come.

Happy Christmas!

No, I’m not blogging on Christmas Day. Just thought this would be a nice way to test the publish on a specific day option.

The sentiment remains. Hope you have a joyful and peaceful Christmas – all 12 days of it.


This morning I was upstairs having some extra sleep while Mr F looked after Rusk when the postman knocked at the door. Ah, I thought, I wonder if that is a WISE parcel. An hour later, when I next was aware of being awake I wandered downstairs and discovered that it was!

Thank you very much Steve, for some fantastic choices of decorations.

So, WISE receiver, expect something pretty and something ornamental (with the emphasis on “mental”)

So here, I think, is the something pretty:

ikananda lantern
ikananda lantern

It is made of stiff card and collapses flat to make it postable. When folded out it can be placed over a table lamp to add a festive glow to the proceedings. I have made a note that it is not for use with a naked flame.

Which means that this must be the something ornamental, with the emphasis on “mental”.

What a fantastic reindeer, and the matching card is a lovely touch! I am a little disappointed that I will have to put him away by twelfth night. Perhaps he can be an all-year-round decoration. I think I will call him Horace.

Aaaaaaand Relax

I finished a piece of work this morning, badly done, but done all the same. This is in an effort to be the good-enough postgraduate, rather than the perfect one. The pressure of needing to finish appears to have kept me going through many nights of less than ideal amounts of sleep. Now I have stopped I am so, so tired.

This evening I have taken time off to finish off my WISE gift (that is Wibsite International Secret Exchange if you were wondering) and wash the biro saying ‘WISE’ off my hand. Don’t know what people at college today thought of that! Just need to sort out packaging and some chocolate if I can find some to fit.

Tomorrow I will be sorting out a secret santa exchange for my sister and various other friends. It is quite nice working out who buys for whom. After that it is on with Greek revision in preparation for a test next week. This is a little concerning since I don’t appear to be able to remember any of it at the moment.

And finally… I blogged ages back about some wonderful pens I found: Staedtler triplus fineliners. I am now totally dependent on them and was very tempted the other day by a set of 20 with lots of new colours in. However, only one of my current set of 10 is showing signs of running out so I think it will have to wait.

Post Bluebelt Greens

What a wonderful weekend. My wellies had several trips out and now look genuinely muddy. My coat/waterproof thing to sit on is also showing signs of being ill used and I am so thankful that Dad left his brolly behind when he visited last week. Several toddlers commented loudly, “Mummy/Daddy why is that lady using an umbrella as a walking stick?” I rarely stuck around to hear the answers, but it was probably because I was walking up the hill behind the grandstand and not coping well with it, my back having objected to sleeping on a lilo and sitting on hard floors with no support.

Anyway, I am now home, clean and using cutlery again. I did have to think about which hand uses which implement, but not for too long.

It was lovely to meet so many people on Sunday and my husband is very grateful to you for not abducting me. He was rather worried when I said I was going to meet some people I knew from t’internet.

More tomorrow – I am off to have some cake and custard.

PS I have just got the new broadband connection working with Linux! Hurrah, I am surfing ethically again.

Blinking into the sunlight

As usual, I went to look at the most recently updated wiblogs this morning. Imagine my surprise when I found that I had written my first entry in my sleep last night.

So, er, hello. I am a long-time lurker who has finally plucked up the courage to join in with your lovely wibsite. Thanks for your welcoming comments on the mysterious automatic-wiblog-checker post. I had some teething problems logging in, which is probably why it is there.

I am at work at the moment, so should probably not spend too long crafting the perfect first (well, second really) post. Suffice it to say that I am extremely pleased to be blogging at last (and only a little bit nervous about making a complete fool of myself) and I look forward to a long and happy association with you all.