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New Year

While it might appear that my resolution for 2009 is not to blog, I can assure you that it isn’t. Rather, I have been so busy doing bloggable things that I have not had time to set them down.

Will I remember what they all are? Probably not. I’ve set up some draft posts to try and inspire me. We’ll see whether that works.

This week is going to be busy. I really, absolutely, must finish an essay by Tuesday, then learn ridiculous amounts of Greek for later in the week – I’ve made flashcards. Amongst all of that, I’m taking a BCP matins tomorrow, preparing for my sister-in-law plus husband and daughter visiting next week and trying not to knit when I should be working. I also have much admin to do and must hand over the details of two jobs I have delegated, else I’ll end up doing them anyway. Oh heck that sounds like even more when I list it like that. I’m off.