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A Miscellany

First of all, thanks Ian for your comment on the previous post. I can’t really recommend a good place to start with Thomas Merton, since The Seven Storey Mountain is the first thing I have read by him. It is, my comments from the other day notwithstanding, very readable and interesting.

I’ve had a really busy couple of days in the parishes, so did not see twitter at all for 48 hours or so. Lots of interesting things to read. Here are a few of them.

It seems there was a Panorama programme about chocolate, more specifically about child labour within the cocoa trade. The fairtrade chocolate people have been responding (here and here and probably elsewhere as well), pointing out that the part of the programme showing a fairtrade producer was dealing with how the fairtrade organisation stops child labour when they find it happening. Good. I shall continue to eat Dark Divine.

An incredible knitting project has finished. Most people knit one sock at a time. Some knit two at a time on one long needle. This guy knitted 14 at a time on one humongous needle. One pair for each day of the week – makes sense when you think about it. His knitting bag is even bigger than mine.

I don’t often blog about maths but, given I studied it first time round at uni, I feel the need to reassure Joe Taxpayer that their contributions were not in vain and I am still interested in the subject. A famous mathematician (yes, there are others) has apparently refused or is about to refuse another big prize for his work solving the Poincare Conjecture. He is Russian, and some Russian charities are asking him not to refuse the prize, but to accept it and donate the cash to good causes in Russia. Interesting. Should charities hold people to ransom like this? I don’t think so. Should people turn down legitimately earned money because they have enough? Maybe if the money would then automatically go to support another mathematician and further the course of human knowledge. Maybe not, if they can see a better use for it that they can influence. I’m in danger of siding with the charities here, and I’ve not even started in on the relative merits of academic work and child poverty.

Finally, I’m very excited about this software. Openshot: A non-linear video editor for Linux. I’ve looked at video editing stuff for the Mac and rather liked the look of it – this seems to be a start for Linux. I’ll install it after my next Ubuntu upgrade. Why do I always seem to have a hankering for upgrading a month before the next release? The end of March/beginning of April seems to send me into software envy every year. It is worse this time – I didn’t upgrade to Ubuntu 9.10 since I was too busy when it came out. I’ve since tried it on a live cd and found that the touchscreen on my laptop works! I cannot overstate how cool I find this to be. My laptop has a turny-roundy screen that folds down so you can use it like a piece of paper. I’ve never actually used it because it only worked in Windows up to now and I only use windows once in a blue moon and have no data on that partition at all.

In other news, I’ve nearly finished the book my book group started reading in December. Villette by Charlotte Bronte. I read it 10 years ago and loved it, but could remember nothing about it. Loving it even more this time. I suggested a Jasper Fforde book for this month, on the grounds that I have read it and so get a month off! I hear it is being quite well-received.


Moving Part 3: Boxes – yay!

We have boxes – hurrah …

… All over the living room floor – not so hurrah.

Packing has begun and will be finished by this time tomorrow (blogging machine possibly excepted). I am determined to observe the Sabbath (even if it means getting up at stupid o’clock on Monday), so I can say goodbye properly to my lovely Church.

I have still got a bar and a bit of chocolate left, although it is left out in case it is needed. I have not turned the tokens into books yet since (thank you Daisy) tokens are easier to pack. I did, however, go and cash in my loyalty card at the local Christian bookstore and got 5 quid off Bede’s Ecclesiastical History of the English People (title may not be quite right – I have packed it).

Time for sleep I think.

Moving Part 2: Chaos, broken promises etc

People say that moving house is one of the most stressful experiences of your life.

They are right.

After battling with many different firms, we finally have a van booked to take us to our new location. Boxes will arrive this evening and we then have several days to pack. It will all be fine.

I finally remembered last night that praying about it might not be a bad idea. I hope this will help. Any other prayers that people can spare would be much appreciated.

My lovely work colleagues gave me chocolate (green and black’s mmm) and book tokens yesterday to say goodbye. These may not last out the day. I am now off to sort out lots of paperwork.

One final question: If all removal companies ask for moving dates when arranging the quote, why do three out of the five I have contacted then decide they can’t do that day?