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  1. My Greenbelt ticket has arrived!
  2. I’m going to Taize in a couple of weeks
  3. By which time I will have written 6000 words on essays for the MA module I am doing as part of my work training
  4. The second sock is past the heel and only the leg left to do – 55 rounds and counting
  5. Deanery chapter is this afternoon
  6. I can wander around the village chatting to people and it is part of work
  7. I’m preaching on Mary and Martha this Sunday (a triple bill – hopefully by the third time I’ll have got it nailed!)

Got to go. My lift will be here soon.

Various happenings

Various commitments are taking my time away from blogging. The essay writing has now reached the turn-the-internet-off-and-write-400-words-an-hour stage. Mr F has had a week off work and has been looking after Rusk. Much more exciting spending time with them than with my laptop! Oh and Christmas appears to be upon us. Hurrah!

This evening I have been sitting and watching the snooker, having wimped out of a 60 mile round trip to my current placement church’s carol service. After my fortnight of enforced rest I am trying to be a little more realistic about what I can achieve.

One of our achievements in the last week has been to move Rusk into his own room. It was meant to happen at half term, but we thought we would wait until he was well. Seven weeks later… it has been quite an ordeal, even if nothing more than the usual routine stuff of childhood illness. I have tried to explain to him that the list of illnesses with which he is banned from nursery is not a tick-list.

Anyway, other than that I have been gradually sorting out food for Christmas. The fruit for the no-fat Christmas Pudding has now been steeping in Brandy for 2 days. I do wonder if no-fat pudding is a bit of a hollow gesture, but it is the traditional family recipe so that is what I am going with. Definitely helps making your own puddings and cakes when there is a nut allergy around.

I am looking forward to meeting the turkey on Christmas Eve. I managed to go with my principles, curb my astonishment at the price, and get a free range turkey from the local organic butcher. It had better be good… Nice to know that the meat you are eating has had a happy life.

Right on cue,* the little one is stirring ready for his late night bottle. I had better go and see him.

*yeah, that is a snooker pun, sorry

Forgot to put a title again

Progress has been made with the first MA essay. I now have a plan and I have printed out the instructions I wrote last Easter on how to write essays. Bizarre how I forget what strategies work. Item number 6 on the instructions is (in block capitals so I can’t ignore it) TURN OFF INTERNET. Thankfully, I am only at item 5 at the moment, and likely to stay there for the next few days so that is ok then. Apparently I used to be able to write essays at the rate of 400 words an hour once I knew what I was talking about. So, in theory, 13 hours of writing time should do it. That sounds doable.

Regular readers will be pleased to hear that I only have 5 essays left to do. The end of moaning is in sight.

I am enjoying patronising giving helpful advice to all the first years at college who have greek revision to do at the moment. They don’t believe me when I say first year greek is easy.

In other news, I joined the Mothers’ Union today. Mostly for research purposes, but it will hopefully be useful in real life too.

Reading matters

I like to read…

…a lot.

I’m guessing I’m going to be writing quite a bit about books so I thought I ought to warn you.

I’ve recently discovered essay anthologies as a concept. Previously, I’ve only really read novels, but threw myself into them, skipping at high speed through places like Middle Earth and Discworld. With essays, I have found I like to savour them, read them more slowly and enjoy the language. The lucky dip approach works well, flicking the pages until something catches the eye. This works with reference books too, particularly Brewer’s Dictionary of Phrase and Fable.

I started to write about all the books I’m in the middle of reading at the moment, thinking that this might be an insight for you into the sort of person I am. The list got too long so I think you can safely conclude that I am better at starting things than finishing them. You will have to wait for more.

I think I shall go and push on with a worthy book, in the hope of getting quickly off to sleep.