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Forgot to put a title again

Progress has been made with the first MA essay. I now have a plan and I have printed out the instructions I wrote last Easter on how to write essays. Bizarre how I forget what strategies work. Item number 6 on the instructions is (in block capitals so I can’t ignore it) TURN OFF INTERNET. Thankfully, I am only at item 5 at the moment, and likely to stay there for the next few days so that is ok then. Apparently I used to be able to write essays at the rate of 400 words an hour once I knew what I was talking about. So, in theory, 13 hours of writing time should do it. That sounds doable.

Regular readers will be pleased to hear that I only have 5 essays left to do. The end of moaning is in sight.

I am enjoying patronising giving helpful advice to all the first years at college who have greek revision to do at the moment. They don’t believe me when I say first year greek is easy.

In other news, I joined the Mothers’ Union today. Mostly for research purposes, but it will hopefully be useful in real life too.