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Not a lot

Ellen pointed out that I must have been having an extremely long shower since I haven’t posted since announcing my intention to shower last Wednesday.

So what have I been doing? Not sure actually. Thursday was a day of seminars, including preparing for them in the morning. Sadly nothing from the Journal of Men, Masculinities and Spirituality this time. I found an amazing article from that particular Journal when I was preparing the seminar I was supposed to lead. I’ve no idea what I did on Friday and then the weekend was spent doing not very much. It was an unintentional blog-fast due to me never turning the computer on.

Rusk now has an eye infection so is banned from nursery until it stops oozing. Hmm there is a nice image for you. This means that I have had an unexpected couple of days with him – lovely, but I really should be writing an essay. Mr F is taking over tomorrow so I get at least some of the benefit of reading week. I had forgotten that I was on music group this morning in Chapel, so we had Rusk as an extra member. It was noted that he spent a lot of time waving his hands in the air. Perhaps he really is going to be charismatic.

So, in short, there has been no blogging because there has been very little to blog about.