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Feeling moved

What a week! Finally back on the internet at the other end of the country. Just five more boxes of books (all on theology – how will I ever have time to read them?) to unpack (and a few other odds and ends).

Mr F and Rusk are adjusting well to the new place. The cats are somewhat bemused, but Esme has finally figured out how to jump stairgates so she is generally happier.

Those of you who pray, please remember us over the next couple of weeks as I am ordained deacon and start working here. Please also pray for these parishes!

Moving Part 2: Chaos, broken promises etc

People say that moving house is one of the most stressful experiences of your life.

They are right.

After battling with many different firms, we finally have a van booked to take us to our new location. Boxes will arrive this evening and we then have several days to pack. It will all be fine.

I finally remembered last night that praying about it might not be a bad idea. I hope this will help. Any other prayers that people can spare would be much appreciated.

My lovely work colleagues gave me chocolate (green and black’s mmm) and book tokens yesterday to say goodbye. These may not last out the day. I am now off to sort out lots of paperwork.

One final question: If all removal companies ask for moving dates when arranging the quote, why do three out of the five I have contacted then decide they can’t do that day?