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Sloe news day

I have in my kitchen 2 and a half pounds of sloes and a litre of very cheap gin. As soon as I can find a receptacle big enough to hold all that and some sugar, I will have the makings of a very ‘merry’ Christmas. My enquiries among the church choir this evening did not bring forth the loan of a 2 litre jar I was hoping for, but they did know where the local homebrew shop is so there is still hope.

Tomorrow I will post pictures of our sloe-gathering expedition. Next year I will take a ladder and a stick with a curved end. The best sloes were well out of reach.

In other news, the most original welcome gift to the parish so far… a ball of wool, a bag of plums and an invitation to knit jumpers to sell in a local shop.


This morning I was upstairs having some extra sleep while Mr F looked after Rusk when the postman knocked at the door. Ah, I thought, I wonder if that is a WISE parcel. An hour later, when I next was aware of being awake I wandered downstairs and discovered that it was!

Thank you very much Steve, for some fantastic choices of decorations.

So, WISE receiver, expect something pretty and something ornamental (with the emphasis on “mental”)

So here, I think, is the something pretty:

ikananda lantern
ikananda lantern

It is made of stiff card and collapses flat to make it postable. When folded out it can be placed over a table lamp to add a festive glow to the proceedings. I have made a note that it is not for use with a naked flame.

Which means that this must be the something ornamental, with the emphasis on “mental”.

What a fantastic reindeer, and the matching card is a lovely touch! I am a little disappointed that I will have to put him away by twelfth night. Perhaps he can be an all-year-round decoration. I think I will call him Horace.