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Well, it is half term after all and what better thing to do than go on a trip to see friends. Rusk and I (and a mountain of paraphernalia you would not believe) will be taking to the motorways tomorrow. Note to self: Don’t get done for speeding on the M25.

Having just received an email from the lovely Wibsite gurus, it looks like I have picked a good few days to go away. Maybe when I am back the sparkling new wibsite will be up and running. I’m really looking forward to getting my teeth into WordPress – such a geek, sorry.

In the mean time I am waiting in for the tv repair man, in the hope that he will resurrect the cable box before 5.30pm. 5.30pm being the golden hour of Space Pirates followed by bathtime. Rusk gets very cranky unless there is something to distract him before his bath. I must also finish my sermon for Sunday: still in the rumination stage (which as well as munching on thoughts in my head includes munching on chocolate digestives too) at the moment.

Enjoy your weekends, whatever you may be doing.


Hurrah, it is half term!

This means that I have some time to sit at my desk and work rather than running about all over college from one thing to the next. My current essay is on Revelation Chapter 14. My goodness there are some weird people in the world writing on Revelation.

In a pleasant contrast, I am off to spend this afternoon at the nursery with Rusk (oh and about 8 other little ones too).

Forgetful again

Kudos to Maddie… It was indeed 2 Corinthians. The translation is done and there is no crèche today so all is well. I must just go and photocopy the 5 pages of notes I have come up with so the rest of the group can tear it to pieces.

In other news today, I forgot to take Rusk’s sweet potato out of the fridge this morning. Hence I have driven to college, sworn a lot, driven home, cursing the traffic as I went, then driven back again. Very cross now because it made me miss Chapel.

Things are looking up though. Thanks to a tip-off, we found a high chair reduced from £70 to £17. Plus I have 2 hours of lectures this afternoon on feminist ideology. Hmmm is that a good thing?

Umm I forgot to put a title so came back to add one later

I’m trying to work on my Greek translation for tomorrow, but the soundtrack from crèche is rather distracting.

All together now…
Our God is a great big God

I’m sure if St Paul had heard that particular chorus he would have leapt at the simple concept and catchy rhythm. Sadly, he decided to riff on Exodus 34 instead. Prizes* for anyone who works out what I am translating.

Oh help… If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands. I am going to retaliate with something eclectic from my current playlist.

*well maybe not actual prizes, but kudos at the very least.

Mondays are Ruskdays

Well sweet potato is a hit with Rusk. There is an element of orange goo around the place, but that is only to be expected. I have bought better bibs now in the interests of avoiding him being covered in the stuff.

At the risk of boring those without children…

High Chairs say ‘suitable for babies who can sit up unsupported’. Rusk can’t quite manage that yet. What am I meant to use until he can? The bouncy chair he has had from birth is no good any more because he can now throw himself forwards and is on the verge of falling out.

I have a quote from my seminar reading for you

Good literary works are those marked by, among other things, structural order and symmetry, complex systems of images, and creative verbal texture. These qualities generate a sense of aesthetic satisfaction. Textual complexities, however, are held together within a sophisticated, harmonious whole. These types of text, with every part fitting harmoniously together, serve as a kind of microcosmic pattern of the individual’s need to structure his or her own existence into a harmonious whole. In some manner, therefore, the complex, yet harmonious literary work becomes a balm for our psyches

Translation: reading good books makes you happy

[Edit – I should of course have mentioned that this is from p215 W.R. Tate: Biblical Interpretation, an Integrated Approach. Hendrickson]

Re: Baby Rice

JTL – I was wondering about the merits of feeding Rusk something that I couldn’t bring myself to try. He doesn’t look that impressed by the whole business and keeps looking at whatever we are eating instead. It is looking like we’ll head for vegetables sooner than expected.


One hundred pages of seminar reading for today, none of which directly relate to the questions that will be discussed in the seminar. Words fail me.

Yesterday I ordered my graduation robes for November so had to provide various measurements and needed assistance. Mr F was quite surprised to find that my head wasn’t as big as he thought it must have got.

I really must get on with the day. Topics I will be considering today:

-The Rapture
-Baby Rice, the virtues thereof
-Ideological Biblical Criticism
-The ablative in New Testament Greek: does it exist? (answer: yes in function, no in form).

I do like my life at the moment

A day of Mumnesia

I’ve been dithering about taking a jacket to the dry cleaners for a while, but it really needs cleaning. Today I looked at the label again and discovered that it is machine-washable. Hurrah!

I then put it in the washing machine, along with various other things, measured out the washing liquid, switched it on and waited for it to finish. I’ve just gone into the kitchen and found lots of wet clothes and a container with measured-out washing liquid in sitting on top of the washing machine.

Sometimes I mourn my old brain that worked reliably.